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Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses have captured our imagination.  They inspire
thoughts of freedom and off-grid living...a sense of adventure...

of simplicity...of the beauty of small.

Typically we can build you a tiny house for between $200 and

$400 per square foot.  Hence a tiny 125 SF house will cost

approximately $35,000 for the shell and approximately $15,000

to finish the interior, for a total of $50,000.  A tiny 500 SF 

house will cost approximately $100,000 for the shell and

approximately $50,000 to finish the interior for a total of


Typically we can build them in about eight weeks from start to

finish...four weeks for the shell and another four weeks to finish

the interior.

Tiny Houses

$35,000 will build you an 8x16 128 square foot shell for a tiny house with one door, one window and wood walls, ceiling and base.  It would be ready for interior finishing.  I am attaching a number of photos of sample houses for $35,000 to give you some ideas.  The price would be shell only with no interior finishing.  You can choose the cladding for the outside.

There are larger tiny houses that cost between $50,000 and $100,000.  They are a little more elaborate and larger.  The largest tiny house is typically 500 SF and it costs $100,000 for the exterior shell.

tiny house for $15,000 4.jpg
tiny house on wheels 4.png

Tiny Houses on Wheels


Typically a tiny house on wheels is 8 feet by 20 feet in size, so about 160 SF although they can be up to double that, meaning 8 feet by 40 feet if you wish.  We build it on a custom trailer base that is designed to handle the load from the outside walls onto the axles.  The height is typically around 12 to 13 feet high because a lot of people like to have a loft for sleeping so it frees up space on the main floor for living.

To build a tiny house, we recommend LVLs for the base and regular spruce for the exterior walls and the ceiling.

You can clad it in siding if you wish or just paint the spruce.  There are also other higher cost options if you want to consider.  We can add windows, skylights and doors.  We can install beadboard or pine on the walls, over top the insulation, and typically put wood on the floors.  We recommend building a loft to sleep and a table that converts into a bed to increase capacity when you have guests. We add a stove stack assuming wood heating and/or an electric heater if you have an electrical plug in.  For toilets, it will depend on your water source.  You can install an RV toilet which will need to be dumped regularly.  Alternatively you can install an incinerating toilet that burns the waste and you dump the ashes from time to time; a composting toilet that composts each time you use with a motor inside; or a dry toilet with liners.  The cost is around $2,500 just for the toilet itself for the last three options.

Sample Tiny Houses

We can build and clad the tiny house in whatever way you wish to achieve the look you want.



If you wish to proceed, the next step is that you would meet with our head carpenter and our engineer and we would create a custom plan for you based on your specific needs and wants.  It costs $995 plus HST to create a custom plan, and that $995 is then credited to the cost of the build when we begin building.

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